The Ten Rules Of Rock And Roll

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before, but I was recently in Australia. Whilst there I read quite a lot but I didn’t take any paperback or Hard-back books. One of the problems of travelling on one of the cheaper tickets is getting everything you need for a month into a suitcase for 20 kilos. As I was taking my Galaxy Tab, and as I had downloaded the Kindle App onto it, I used that for my reading. Generally it was a good experience; I enjoyed reading on it, the Tab is quite light and easy to hold and my shoulder certainly enjoyed the lack of weight in my bag. One-click buying via Amazon is frightening in the ease with which you can spend money. The one drawback with reading on the Tab was that it is difficult in sunlight so it didn’t work too well at the beach, poolside and some other places I tried to read, but generally it worked fine and I will do it again.

A long time ago, in the life of this blog, I wrote about my love for the Australian band The Go-Betweens. The early death of Grant McLennan means there will be no more records from the band but the remaining founder member, Robert Forster is still recording, see here. He has also  become a music critic for the Australian magazine, the Monthly, e.g. here. Via the podcast from the Word magazine in December 2010 I learnt that a collection of his writing had been published in book form, though at that time only in Australia as ‘The 10 Rules Of Rock And Roll‘. Listening to the podcast I wanted to read the book (it worked) but couldn’t as at the time it hadn’t got a European publisher; the visit, of which the podcast was a part, was to talk to parties interested in doing so. I looked occasionally but missed it becoming available in September 2011 so I thought my visit down under would be the chance to pick up a copy.

In Hobart and after looking at the Parliament House we walked around the nice but not twee Salamanca area. A highly disciplined visit to The Hobart Bookshop resulted in the purchase only of the book and a copy of the Monthly featuring the Robert Forster article I linked to above. Reading the article about 30 albums reminded me of the Talking Heads album More Songs About Buildings and Food‘ as well as the Velvet Underground‘s first album, which I had already identified had disappeared and mentioned here previously. Both the albums were on the list of 30 albums and both were ones I had owned. But reading the piece I realised that though I had converted the other Talking Heads and Velvet Underground albums I owned to MP3 to play on my iPod. I had not done these. I must have mislaid the albums in the various moves I had made over the last 15 years. That saddened me as I love both the albums. It also made me realise there were other albums which I liked and had not made it to Strasbourg with me.

As an aside, a progress report on the conversion of albums to MP3  – I have today converted my 200th album to MP3 so the number remaining is in the tens perhaps 40 or 50. Then to start with the singles and 12 inch records. The 200th album was one of the best in the collection, a well-worn London Calling by the Clash.

I suppose not realising I had lost albums I enjoyed listening to is a consequence of not having a record player and not having listened to them for around ten years, if not more.

Another record to be added to the list of those that I enjoyed listening to but which seems to have gone missing is Playing With A Different Sex by the Au Pairs. On my return from Australia I decided to do something about it and I checked-out eBay. I found a copy of the LP that seemed to be in good condition and was at a decent price. Unfortunately I  was outbid for it. The second time I wasn’t going to be beaten and, having found a copy that seemed to be in a decent enough condition I matched someone else’s prepared bids to exceed their limit and then waited. This time I won and, whilst it has not arrived, it is in the post. The first thing I have bought via eBay. I know I am slow in taking up these innovations, but my virginity is lost, who knows how many other things I might go out and buy?

I was so pleased with my success that I immediately bid for an album I had not owned and lost, but now thought it would have been good to have, ‘Crossing the Red Sea With The Adverts‘ by the Adverts. It has been converted to MP3 and is being enjoyed whilst travelling around Strasbourg. Reader I loved it so much I bought the LP.

PS. OK the Ten Rules of Rock and Roll are:

Oh go and buy the book to find out for yourself……….

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