Ronald Searle RIP

I am currently listening to a broadcast of the BBC program me Desert Island Discs from July 2005.(Which is where I stole the picture from) It is about the illustrator and satirist Ronald Searle whose death was announced today. I was new to one of his most famous creations, Molesworth, only recently. When I was younger I was not allowed to have anything to do with the books because it was thought I might be infected by the (deliberate) wrong spellings in the book. I forgot about the books until JTO talked about her love for the books and a few years ago I bought her a collection of the books which Searle’s drawings are such an important part of. I didn’t get round to reading them until last year and fell in love with them too. I am sorry I did not have Down With Skool, How to be Topp etc as they would have helped me survive my time at school with the observation and humour.

He is also well known for drawing the St Trinians stories which featured what the Desert Island Discs site described as:

“the horrible, suspender-wearing schoolgirls who devote more time to gambling, torture and arson than they do their lessons.”

and  were made into seven films.

He continued drawing political. satirical drawings and reportage. and his archive is held in Hanover. An exhibition of his work was organised only just over a year ago. Here is the announcement from Reuters. Molesworth can be followed on twitter @reelmolesworth. UPDATE. By far the best obituary was this from The Economist written in the style of Molesworth, it well repays the few minutes it takes to read it.

Until Joan As Policewoman came to the local music venue I knew nothing of them apart from hearing one track on the CD that accompanies my monthly magazine, The Word. I saw them and had a great evening and I bought The Deep Field and have been enjoying it all year. Here’s the track I first heard, The Magic, enjoy:

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