Thank You

I have been surprised and blown away by the response to my last post, Strasbourg’s modern art ‘Sistine Chapel?’. On facebook a number of people liked the post and a good friend commented:

“Thanks very much for the blog. Fascinating. Another good reason for visiting Strasbourg – apart from its more obvious pair of attractions! Have a good weekend both of you.”

Then the piece received the best response on WordPress I’ve ever had. I had Snehratnasinghsomvanshi, drecomalfoy, adampbelloto, Air Squadron, Rob Slaven, and into-mind among others either like my post or sign up to be told when I next post. This is the best response I’ve ever had from a post. So thank you to all the people who took the time to feed back that they liked the post.

Because of the cold there is no match today for le Racing but they are now top of the table and, hopefully, heading for immediate promotion back to the next level. It is more than a little embarrassing that this is the first season since I’ve lived here that I haven’t been to see them.

Despite the cold there was a match today for Manchester City and, despite all the carping, nit-picking and nay saying from the commentators about how we were in a serious slump, we managed to beat Fulham 3-0 this evening. So, have a great rest of weekend and I love you world.

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One Response to “Thank You”

  1. airsquadron Says:

    pleasure is mine. you deserve it my friend. Keep up all good work, my friend.

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