Reading Labour’s desperate racist campaign – No Councillor

Battle Ward Labour Councillor Sarah Hacker has now commented on the despicable, desperate dog whistle‘ racist leaflet from Reading Labour. Last night I tried to comment on her post but it has not yet appeared. Someone tried to comment on the post after me and they received an email in response but their post has also not been let through. Of course, it is councillor Hacker’s blog and she is entitled not to allow comments on posts if she does not like them. This attitude is so typical of the last century command and control approach to politics of Reading Labour Party. Their own website is broadcast only and it would seem many of them adopt that approach on their blogs etc. What are they afraid of? Some feedback? Hearing the views of the people they represent? Hearing any other view of the world?

The reply from Councillor Hacker is either extremely naive or she is trying to present herself as a kind of faux-simple Forrest Gump. Breed is not a synonym for grow-up, certainly not in my Thesaurus. Her reply is shameful and I wonder how she can look her multi-racial constituents in the eye after it. She may share the surname with the character in Yes Minister but in her case it’s no councillor.

One Response to “Reading Labour’s desperate racist campaign – No Councillor”

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    […] then had the woeful attempt by Battle ward councillor Sarah Hacker which I reported on here. It has now ben joined by Redlands councillor Jan Gavin who just posts the Labour party press […]

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