Reading Labour’s desperate racist campaign – What they are saying

It is only a week since the news about the despicable dog-whistle racist leaflet produced for Reading Labour by the Public Impact Ltd company of John Howarth so it is not surprising that some of the Reading Labour bloggers are only now catching up.

As usual, one of the first to respond was the now Redlands Labour candidate, Tony Jones, which I wrote about here. Well, as I reported here, he has now had second thoughts about posting the statement and letter from Reading Labour in full and has removed the post. You can still read it in full here or below:

View this document on Scribd

We then had the woeful attempt by Battle ward councillor Sarah Hacker which I reported on here. It has now ben joined by Redlands councillor Jan Gavin who just posts the Labour party press statement with no comment. Then yesterday they were joined by Whitley councillor Rachel Eden who in this bizarre post has published the letter to the Reading East Conservative Agent from the Reading Labour Party Agent. This formed part of the post by Tony Jones but it was thought that after this post by WAS, followed by this from Janestheone, pointing out the criminal nature of posting the letter that led to him taking his post down. I have tried to comment on the post from Ms Eden which is waiting on her to approve it for publishing. How long do people think I should wait?

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