Votez tôt, voter souvent

In case you missed it, yesterday there was the first round of the elections for President here in France. As none of the ten candidates got more than 50% of the vote there will be a run-off between the top two scoring candidates in a fortnight. From the DNA here is the result, both here in Alsace and nationally:

As you can see this frontier region voted in greater numbers for the UMP party of the current président Sarkozy, and put the politically right but economically almost communist – so probably best described nationalist populist Front National in second place and the national winner, Parti Socialiste candidate François Hollande in third place. The story was different in Strasbourg, which in contrast seems a leftist island in this right-wing region:

As a sad election statistic geek I love it that in France the results are published by polling station on the council’s website. Here is the comparison for the polling station I vote at, though obviously I could not vote this time, compared with my city, region and the country.

But what does it all mean? Here is a round-up of what the French newspapers are saying,  this is the view of the politics department at Nottingham University about the accuracy of the French opinion polls, here is the BBC’s version of what happened yesterday, this sets out what YouGov thinks will happen in the second round of voting. Published this morning in the DNA is this graphic showing the change in the percentage of votes for the extreme right, right, centre, PS, Green, extreme left and others since 1974:

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2 Responses to “Votez tôt, voter souvent”

  1. Marie Helene Bastillette Says:

    Je suis franchement éffarée.J’ai fait le choix de François Hollande au second tour seulement parce que j’ai vraiment cru au changement qui était exposé et à la conception d’une équipe gouvernementale irréprochable. Quel désespoir de constater que François Hollande nomme comme chef du gouvernement Jean Marc Ayrault, qui est tout sauf irréprochable ! Ce monsieur a vraiment était l’objet d’une condamnation à une peine de prison pour acte de favoritisme ! Tellement décue !.

    • the Flashing Blade Says:

      I was surprised to read your comment and then to see it come to pass. Does he not deserve the chance to show by his actions whether he is worthy of being the Prime Minister and has put behind him what happened in the past? Does France not deserve the best person it can get as Prime Minister, even if that person did something wrong in the past and has now atoned for it?

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