Up with that sort of thing I will not put

Earlier this week I came out of work to discover these students holding

up these blank banners. What’s it all about? Questioning only revealed that they would be doing this for two days around the University campus. Then the student on the left, who I was talking to, handed me the piece of paper on the left. Ah, it’s to do with some chap called Gaëtan Bulourde and features the French for ‘sign’ and seems to be taken in a Dutch speaking place. Fortunately the back was more revealing. Ah, so it is a piece of perambulatory art by a Belgian artist supported by Strasbourg’s theatre to celebrate 20 years of the Carte Culture, which gives cheap access to cultural activities in Alsace to students. I learn from the facebook page I linked to earlier that also this week there have been a group of Alpen hornists playing at various places around the campus, well I missed them. But, you need not as here they are pretending to be a Didgeridoo:

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