The Man In Black

Yesterday I bored/puzzled/annoyed my facebook friends and twitter followers by emitting regular tweets containing the tittle of Johnny Cash songs translated into French. What kind of a barmy notion is that? You ask. Why would anyone want to do that? My reasoning was that that evening I was going to the fantastic Au Camioneur to eat with two good friends and then watch Wanted Man – A tribute to Johnny Cash.

Growing up I had only been aware of the novelty songs by Johnny Cash, songs like ‘A Boy Named Sue’ and ‘One Piece At A Time’. That was until I saw the film Walk the Line, when my attitude changed as I learnt the  large body of good work produced by Johnny Cash.

The food, as usual, was very good, the conversation was good and the Riesling provided a trinity of goodness. Then at 21:30 the band warmed up before the entrance of the ‘Wanted Man’. The band were tight and the ‘Wanted Man’ had a voice that sounded similar to Johnny Cash. They played all the well-known songs and a few lesser known ones and were so appreciated that they were called back for an encore three times. They were worthy of the encores and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. At the final encore I called for ‘The Man In Black’ and it was played and I filmed it. See it:

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One Response to “The Man In Black”

  1. Mr Kev Says:

    I enjoyed the French Johnny Cash! 🙂

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