100 top albums of 2012

It seems to early to me. Especially as there are five weeks left in the year, but Piccadilly Records in Manchester have produced their list of the 100 best albums of 2012, 20 best compilations and 20 best reissues. I am not surprised that I have none of the records in the top ten with the highest being the new Richard Hawley album(Pictured left), Standing At The Sky’s Edge, which is such a big change of direction from his previous albums I have found it difficult to get into it.

The next one I own is not till 30 with Coexist by the The xx (right) which I have enjoyed. I agree with the description by Piccadilly Records that it is a more mature record from them.

There are ten more places to the next of the store’s top 100 I have bought this year at 40 Jack White’s very good Blunderbuss(Pictured below left). I was encouraged to buy it by @RobSealy and have not regretted doing so.

There are only 4 places to the next of the albums I own that feature in the top 100, Sun by Cat Power (Below right). I have only recently got this and it has been a regular play with one track, Cherokee, featuring as one of my tracks on This Is My Jam a week or two ago. People seem to be a bit sniffy about Cat Power, I don’t know why as I thought The Greatest was appropriately titled and was given, rather appropriately, You Are Free on leaving a job at Lambeth Council and have enjoyed listening to the three of them.

So, although I did not have any in the top ten that’s four of my five in the top fifty. There are more than fifty places to the last of my entrants in the top 100. There are others I have considered buying, or, Like The Jim Jones Review, are playing Strasbourg before the end of the year so there is a chance I might enjoy the show and buy the album.

The last is also an album people have been sniffy about too, Born To Die by Lana Del Rey. I like large orchestral songs like those of Scott Walker and also like 60’s Girl groups and I think the way she has melded the sound of the two is very good.

So that’s the 100 top albums of 2012. Read the list. Post in the comments those you have bought or recommendations for one’s I haven’t bought that I should.

UPDATE: Afterwards, whilst thinking about this post, I realised that I was in Manchester and went to Piccadilly Records this Summer. I was looking to buy some vinyl but didn’t find anything I wanted in their store but did in one around the corner and came away with two Kraftwerk records, a Thin Lizzy best of and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John.

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    […] a top 100 of the year, NPR Music did a top 50, as did NME. I wrote in November about Piccadilly Records doing one at the end of November. I only got 14 new albums during the year, and 4 of those were […]

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