I’ll keep holding on

I have written before about the fact that I am converting, what is a much bigger vinyl collection, in terms of numbers, than I had thought it was, to MP3 before. The most recent time here(It is about half way down). When doing this I discovered there some albums I thought I had in my collection but I discovered were no longer there. Two that fall into this category are More Songs About Buildings and Food by Talking Heads and Velvet Underground and Nico. The first I managed to buy again from  eBay a few months ago and I have enjoyed listening to it again. The second is still not in my possession. Cycling down one of the main streets in Strasbourg, perhaps that’s why it got the name ‘Grand Rue’, I passed this record and clothing shop pictured left and my eye was caught by what was in the window. I have inserted a close up picture if you cannot picture what it was that caught my eye. Yes, the album I need to add back to my collection. The bugger is that I have been working for the University a lot lately. It is good in that they pay well. It is bad that they do not pay for work done between September and December until March. So, I’m earning a decent whack but haven’t got my hands on any of it. I have done some work for the regional engineering apprenticeships organisation but I get the first installment of my pay from them at the end of the month. There is no point asking you to guess one of the first places I shall go when paid but until then it is a case of hoping that no one else who wants this album sees it before I get paid. Which will happen first?

The title of this piece comes from a fantastic song by The Action, enjoy, although the film is very old, here:

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