SNCF drop a bollock

Having booked tickets with the French national rail carrier, SNCF, they have my email address and SNCFsend me occasional emails letting me know about good deals etc. Just as any sensible company does their marketing. However, their recent email (above) was a a bit of a mistake. They tried to entice me onto the train to visit Christmas Markets. Living in Strasbourg, the ‘Capital of Christmas’ why would I want to go anywhere else to a Christmas Market?

OK the city is rammed – it was very difficult walking to the pub to see City defeat Newcastle 3-1 yesterday due to the large number of people, and, I may wish to visit other markets, having got bored of Strasbourg’s? So lets take a look at where they suggest I go, one of the historic ones in Dresden, Bautzen or Vienna? One of the major attractions, say Dortmund, Erfurt, Nuremberg, Dresden, Stuttgart or Augsburg? No, of course not they are all in Germany or Austria and this is the French national rail company. The choice I was offered are:


Metz? Seriously, Metz? When it’s so close to Meh? But more important where do they say Metz is? Alsace. As any fule know Metz is in Lorraine. Oh dear SNCF.

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3 Responses to “SNCF drop a bollock”

  1. pedmar10 Says:

    I have been to Champs-Elysées, Metz, Lille,and Bruxelles marché de Noêl, and my favorite is Metz, wonderful lorraine ambiance five spread all over the city. However, next week will be back in Brussels. Enjoy them they are special.

    • the Flashing Blade Says:

      OK, I take your word for it and will now have to go to the Metz Christmas Market to see for myself. In return I would ask that you come to the Strasbourg Market next year and I would happily give you a guest post to write up what you think about it. A view from the outside is always welcome. Have a good time in Bruxelles!

      • pedmar10 Says:

        oh yes Strasbourg is tops, unfortunately with my schedule each time all is book. We took Metz as alternative and it was a great surprise, lot of under estimation on that city.

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