A certain light

For the past few days I have been reading Ancient Light by John Banville. I don’t really know how I ended up reading it, Amazon had been recommending it to me quite a bit and they seemed to slip it into an order and then there it was when I openned up a delivery.
I think I would have finished reading it by now if I hadn’t had to stop reading on a regular basis to look up words I had not read before. It got to the level of three words on one page! The words I looked up and noted in my notebook are:
Lubricious, mephitic, aurate, bedizen, peristalsis, umber, neurasthenia, ichor, penumbra, stipple, wrack, turbid, vermiform, susurrate, chrism, concupiscence, homunculus, ague, tumbrel, purlieu, integument, caducous. and sqama.
With another 80 pages to go I’m sure this list will be added to.

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