Film 2013

I’ve never been one for doing reviews of films, never really thought people would be interested 20135961.jpg-r_160_240-b_1_D6D6D6-f_jpg-q_x-xxyxxin what I had to say about them. However. Last month I just managed to catch up on two films that were being shown as part of a Télérama (Radio Times but more intellectual) catch up on the best films of last year, Holy Motors and The Deep Blue Sea.(Links to trailers for the films) The first showed someone working throughout Paris at night and the second showed a Judge’s wife falling for a former Battle of Britain airman. Both were really good and enjoyable. The former with the added bonus of an appearance of Kylie! I was really sorry to miss out on The Master but I did.

Then last week I went to Zero Dark Thirty. I had been concerned at the first half being about how intelligence about the search for the head of Al Qaeda and the operation to take him out. Enthralling cinema.

trailersThen this weekend and a veritable cinema feast. First up was Silver Linings Playbook.(Happiness Therapy in France) I had received a lot of encouragement from the best blogger in Reading, and he won’t like this, but the positive encouragement was added to by Stephen Fry on the Danny Baker Show where he talked about the subtlety of this film. From the performances of the male and female lead through to the shades in the OCD of Robert De Niro. It is a fantastic life-affirming film, go and see it now!

Then I went to see Django Unchained. I had expected to see a Tarantino blood-fest, which I did not think it was so much. I also thought it had much more of a story than his recent films, a lot of wit and a good story. It also had, as legal blogger David Allen Green pointed out, thought-provoking moments with regard to the law.

The last film of the weekend was a visit to see Lincoln last night. imgres-1This was the most disappointing film of the last four.  It was a fine performance from Daniel-Day Lewis and Shirley Field. I thought the film was dull, too much of a reflection of the Iraq-all-war-is-nonsense hokum and, as someone with experience of Parliamentary maneuvers and knowledge of the working of the US system through reading the fantastic Robert Caro books on Lyndon Johnson, suffered from the double problem of being too long and not dramatic enough.

Well, three fantastic films and one  worthwhile story that could have been told better, that still leaves Sugar Man, Hitchcock and Shadow Dancer on show. I hope the remaining months are as good as February seems to be.

You know what this has to end with:

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