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So, for the third week of happy songs on Saturday I chose one of my own again.

In 1986 I was seeing someone and we spent the summer together. She went back to university and I continued to work in the pub as we had until my expectation of my employment opportunities came closer to reflect the opportunities available to me. Or alternatively I understood I would not get a senior position in publishing, social housing.or politics just because I had a degree. I needed to get experience in the workplace.

Anyway the someone I was working with in the pub gave me a mixtape. As people did then. A tape of songs one person likes and they hope the other person does too. I liked the tape a lot, although I am sorry to say I lost it and no longer have it. What I do have is a love of this song. It just ticks all the boxes, happy song. Enjoy.

#happysongsaturday #2 (On Sunday!)


Reader’s may have noticed something wrong with this post. It isn’t Saturday but Sunday I’m writing it. It’s not very good, having started something one week to fall down the very next week. I do not really have an excuse so will just have to try to do better next week. If I was to try one it would be something about the almost Annual Dinner of the English language theatre group I belong to here in Strasbourg, but frankly it doesn’t cut the mustard as an excuse. Incidentally a good evening was had by all.

When I posted this first last week I asked readers to send me examples of what are happy songs for them. I did not expect to get any response immediately. My hopes were that people might notice my little efforts over time and the occasional suggestion might be made. You can imagine my shock and pleasure to get two suggestions. So this week. #happysongsaturday is being driven by one of the readers.

Rob from Reading wrote to suggest Higher and Higher by Jackie Wilson and in doing so said “It was re released I think around 87m 88 and I heard it on a jukebox in the Boars Head. It reminds me of sunshine and the swooning feeling you get when you meet a new love. I’m pretty sure the weather was hot. As you know I dj a bit and this always gets people up.”



There are a lot of songs about things that are not happy, the end of a relationship or similar. It seems unhappiness gets the creative juices of songwriters going better than happiness. But, there are happy songs out there. As part of a bid to change perspectives and look at happy songs rather than sad songs I currently plan to post a happy song every Saturday. I don’t know how long I will keep this up. Boredom or the inability to find happy songs may beat me. However I start tonight.

This song is one from my teenage years, perhaps just. I heard it afresh this week, I bought a copy of an album it was on and when converting the vinyl to mp3 I listened and thought how happy is that song. The Stylistics were not thought of as cool by anyone I knew at the time and no-one has suggested to me since that they were. I thought they had a number of good pop songs in the 70’s.(Though I didn’t say so to anyone at the time!) Clearly there is enough appreciation of their work for there to be a tribute act. If there are songs you think are happy and would like to see them included one Saturday leave a comment or contact this blog.

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