There are a lot of songs about things that are not happy, the end of a relationship or similar. It seems unhappiness gets the creative juices of songwriters going better than happiness. But, there are happy songs out there. As part of a bid to change perspectives and look at happy songs rather than sad songs I currently plan to post a happy song every Saturday. I don’t know how long I will keep this up. Boredom or the inability to find happy songs may beat me. However I start tonight.

This song is one from my teenage years, perhaps just. I heard it afresh this week, I bought a copy of an album it was on and when converting the vinyl to mp3 I listened and thought how happy is that song. The Stylistics were not thought of as cool by anyone I knew at the time and no-one has suggested to me since that they were. I thought they had a number of good pop songs in the 70’s.(Though I didn’t say so to anyone at the time!) Clearly there is enough appreciation of their work for there to be a tribute act. If there are songs you think are happy and would like to see them included one Saturday leave a comment or contact this blog.

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