Warm sound

So, as my previous post said, here I am in Leeds, earning money that has eluded me in Strasbourg, mostly because people who owe me money in Strasbourg have not paid me whereas Leeds pay me straight away, Who would have thought that universities in France would be so third world? Last year when I was here I tried to resolve a lack in my life. As I have also posted I have a number of vinyl albums which I have been cataloguing and converting to MP3 files. So I thought, I have a record player but nothing to play it through so the money I earn  I can get something. I took some advice and bought an amp and speakers but, after taking them home, which was an effort in itself, I found they didn’t work with the record deck I had so I didn’t get to listen to my records last year as I had hoped.

maxresdefaultThis year I spent some time with my parents before coming here to work and visited a record shop in the nearest town, Reading, and bought a few records. The top thing is that this time I have not waited until I got home to be able to try to listen to them. Paid before the weekend and yesterday I went into the city and bought a deck with inbuilt speakers so I have been playing the albums I bought. The first time I have listened to vinyl rather than have it playing whilst I convert it to MP3 and how fab is it? I just love the warmth of the sound again.I hope to be able to plug the deck into the system I bought last year and have it working fully when I am next home.

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