Elegant chaos

I wrote earlier about some of the problems I faced working as an English teacher in France compared to working in England. I mentioned there had been changes which had lead to the amount of work drying up and universities restricting the amount of work you can do so you do not count as a permanent employee and they do not have to pay social charges on your employment.

Also, last year and earlier this year I applied for a number of jobs that would have been good for my career but I did not even get interviewed for them. Some of the feedback I received included that I had no experience teaching outside Europe, particularly in Asia. As a result I applied for some jobs in Cambodia and Vietnam and was interviewed and offered a job in Cambodia to start at the beginning of July. I had already said I would start at Leeds then and we agreed to postpone my start.

The work in Leeds finished on the unforgettable date of 11th September. After getting a train to London at 8:40 then on to Paris, I arrived home in Strasbourg about 19:30 on 12th September. After a day taking things easy and working on the allotment on Sunday I went to Metz with JTO to see an exhibition at the Centre Pompidou where, as well as seeing a fantastic piece of architecture there was a really great exhibition about Andy Warhol, where, as well as examples of his paintings like the soup tin above they also showed and talked about his films, the Factory and the music of Velvet Underground and how they all linked into the themes of repetition and mass production we saw in his painting, asking what is art?

After lunch the city of Metz was explored and then we returned to Strasbourg to say farewell to some friends. Tuesday was spent packing before an early start, leaving before 5:30 on Wednesday for Strasbourg station was revisited to board a train to Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris. An overnight flight to Kuala Lumpur before arriving at Phnom Penh International airport at around midday on ThursdayI had planed to add more pictures and write more but the internet died yesterday and is so slow today I will just post what I have now.

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