I was booked into a hotel for the first two weeks which I thought would allow 20150917_121215_20862232273_ome to find my feet, discover something of the city of Phnom Penh and get my bearings before finding somewhere to live. The hotel messaged me on the flight to ask if I wanted collecting on arrival by tuk-tuk for $9 and, knowing nothing about getting to my hotel from the airport, I thought I very much did.

So, after paying $35 for my working visa and clearing customs I walked out to see my name displayed and was 20150927_111908_21559712779_otaken by the chap to wait, he went off and returned with his tuk-tuk,(pictured left with additional finger) loaded up my case and bag and headed off out for my first experience of Phnom Penh.

I was surprised by the number of scooters and motorbikes and the way they intermingled with cars and tuk-tuks with no-one seeming to come to harm. Vehicles coming the wrong way, people cutting across you it just seemed like an accident waiting to happen. I also put my sunglasses on, not because of bright sun but because of the dust in the air. Despite the seeming chaos on the roads I 20150918_071920_21319656540_omade it to the Hangneak hotel,(pictured right) checked-in, and was not overly disappointed when the card machine did not work so they could not take payment, and went up to my room, at the rear of the hotel overlooking a market,(pictured left) on the seventh floor, which was handy for the restaurant on the 8th floor.

After a rest I went out to walk the local area and found that just across the main road was a shopping mall, City Mall, containing the Lucky supermarket. I got some things for my breakfast the next day and went back to my 20150927_104800_21123860464_oroom then upstairs to the restaurant for a sun-downer and then my evening meal, As you come up the stairs there is a normal restaurant but turn left and it is open air, with a roof to protect you from the rain and lightning, and a great view out over the city, and, especially the Olympic Stadium which gave the area its name of Olympic. After the meal I retreated to my room and prepared for my first day at work the next day, induction day.

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