Well, it sounds better than induced. In my trip to the supermarket I’d found two types of melon, ham, fruit juice and coffee which founded the basis of my breakfast since arrival. P1130948Although having hot coffee from a glass is not easy requiring another trip on Saturday to get a mug.

I had worked it out using google maps and it should be 30 minutes walk to my new workplace.(pictured left) I was braced for the warmth but it was noticeably hot although not too perspiring until I got into the air conditioned classroom. It was difficult walking as people seem to have the land in front of their premises to do as they wish so it would be full of cars or other stuff requiring a detour into the road and my walk there seemed always to be facing the oncoming traffic. I learnt early on how the traffic makes way for each other, including pedestrians, and you just have to walk into it, no use waiting for someone to let you through. I also learnt that the shoes I’d bought when in Leeds were not broke in yet so by the time I got there I was hobbling slightly.

It was a normal induction day, signing contract, showing originals of certificates, giving the receipt for the visa I’d bought at the airport to get it refunded, instruction on how the school operated, brief history etc, tour of the building, or hobble round more like, and then we were taken for lunch at a buffet style restaurant serving Khmer, Vietnamese and Chinese food – though I could not really tell which was which but just grateful for something to eat. I got a tuk-tuk back to the hotel and started the routine of going up to the restaurant for something involving rice or noodles, vegetables, chicken or pork and chillis.

The other thing I did at my induction was pick up my timetable to find that I was working 22.5 hours a week, from 11:30 – 19:30 Monday, Wednesday and Friday; 17:30 to 20:00 Tuesday and Thursday and 8:00 – 13:00 on Saturday and it was mostly EAP, which is what I had been teaching in Leeds and some of my Strasbourg work. That, however wouldn’t start until Tuesday as Monday was for training (Professional Development) and a staff meeting which finished at midday. I picked up my course books and rather stupidly took them back to the hotel where I had no more than time to look through them and then take them back to work.

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