The Weekend Starts Here

Freshly inducted I returned to the hotel ate and went to bed. I slept in, but not too much as I wanted to get into the sleep pattern of a place six hours ahead of what I was used to. The next morning I thought it would be a good idea to get a tour of the city and get my bearings so I booked a tuk-tuk for a two hour ride. Not far from the hotel we joined Preah Sihanouk Boulevard where we saw the Independence monument followed by the statue of King Father Norodom Sihanouk:

p1130924_21048257273_o p1130917_21048276303_o

For some reason we then went onto an island where there was quite a lot of development taking place and I saw a large Canadian School of English, I guess our opposition, and we passed what seemed like a gated community, Elite Town, which is how it is referred to on Google so it must be true along with its golf club:



Then on leaving the island I saw the ‘ferry ‘cross the Mekon’:


I then passed this statue, guarded by the elephants, which I can find no reference to:


Then on to the highest hill in Phnom Penh, Wat Phnom:

p1130890_21048357963_oI returned via a temple I can find no information about but seemed important and the Royal Palace which I guess is:


p1130899_21657937152_oThen finally before returning to my hotel I stopped at the Cambodia-Vietnam Friendship Monument where a couple were getting their photos taken nearby:


p1130913_21657893752_o After that I returned to my hotel with a better understanding of the layout of the city, having gone from my hotel direct and in almost a straight line to the river, around the island and the up the river bank in a direction perpendicular to the road from the hotel to the riverbank. The road to the riverbank, further more, also being at right-angles to the road to my work place, meaning that road is parallel to the riverbank.

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