War by other means

Work is concentrated on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, when I am in work almost 12 hours from 8 in the morning, and Saturday when I work P1140099five hours from 8. As a result I work two and a half hours each on Tuesday and Thursday from 17:30. This allows me to take it easier during the week and get things done in the week when other people are working.

Football teams in Asia  are playing their qualification matches now for the Russia 2018 World Cup whilst European teams will not start until after the European Championships in France.

P1140097When people ask where I live here in Phnom Penh I tell them it is in a triangle featuring Independence Monument, the Genocide Museum and the Olympic Stadium. So, I did not have too far to walk when, as a result last Thursday I spent some of my time free off work to head to the Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh, site, I had been told of the box office for the Cambodian Football Federation. I entered by a car access and saw the the stadium was circled by offices of many of the P1140107different sports, like Taekwondo and Table Tennis etc. I walked around the stadium and took the picture of myself from the “Royal Box” (above left) which featured a plaque commemorating a visit of General De Gaulle. (Above right)

I walked around the site but could not find the box office so I went into the office for the National Olympic Athletics Committee to find out that the box office was where, if P1140112I’d thought about it first, it should be, on the main road out the front entrance to the stadium. There I got what I had come for, two VIP $10 tickets for the match between Cambodia and Japan  as part of the qualifiers for the World Cup. Success! (pictured above)

There only remained one thing to do. I needed to get a Cambodian shirt to show my support for the team. Across the road from the stadium was the less than pc “Sambo” sports shop. (Pictured right) Here I got my new shirt for the princely sum of $6 . So I am ready for the match and will write further about what happens.

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