Deal made at the crossroads

I am just back from the “House of the Rising Meta” at the ‘Meta House‘, cultural wing of 20151208_221945.jpgthe Goethe Centre here in Phnom Penh. A night of blues which promised several short sets from “Phnom Skor” as well as ‘classic blues standards to songs from the outer fringes of the genre.’

It being German the set menu of the cafe includes schnitzel and chips, which after ‘with rice’ pretty much since getting here, made a nice change.

We had been promised “several short sets of live music throughout the 20151208_235034.jpgevening whenever the spirits happen to inspire them” though it seems the spirits did not do their job well as there was one set of about seven songs after which they packed up. It was a long time since I had been to a gig in a small space in which the smoke made my eyes sting and I know my clothes will still be smelling of stale smoke in the morning. I liked that though, it was nostalgic. I must also say ‘Tonle Tim’, what kind of a name is that? Not very bluesman. Thankfully the playing was better than the moniker.(Ha!)

Carping and nit-picking to one side, it was a good evening of good music including a good set of live music.A lead singer with a jacket I was jealous of and a good head of curly 20151208_222110.jpgblack hair to complete the Robert Plant impersonation he did as a performer whilst his voice was more deep south growl. The guitarist, Mr Tim(?), was solid and unshowy, which is how I like it – no long solos with grimaced face – and the bass and drums were a solid rhythm section with something a bit extra from the drums. A good feed followed by a good “toast to our misery”.

I’m just sorry I’ll be out of town for the Phnom Penh Burlesque on Friday and the Electric Ladyland Wonder Women Festival on Saturday. If you’re around in the Penh head on down.

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