The last days

Yesterday saw the majority of the students given their results. I arrived in the morning with some work still to do on the students I gave the results to that morning but that didn’t take long and all the students I saw in the morning passed apart from one and she came into the lesson and collected her result and left without looking at it or saying anything. There was quite a lot of work to do on the afternoons results so they could be given and then the marking and work for today’s one remaining lesson was finished off so I do not have to get in to work until closer to the 17:30 start.

The penultimate class had asked to bring in pizza and played music and then the final class finished at 19:30 and it was a tuk-tuk race to the Willow Boutique Hotel for the weekly quiz. I have been attending most weeks with a group of colleagues from work, winning it one evening recently. Tonight was the 200  quiz set by the self-styled ‘quiz bitch’, also a colleague who, despite living in Phnom Penh some years and setting the quiz, only started at the same school as me at the same time as me so there is something of a bond as fellow newbies at the same time! As it was her 200th quiz the prize was $200 for the winning team, Unfortunately it was not to be our night.

Another tuk-tuk ride to a bar north of the centre of the city where a band I had been interested in seeing, The Cambodian Space Project. I did catch three songs and afterwards stayed on for a dance in the garden to some gems of Cambodian pop from the mid to late 60’s. I hope to see more of the band in the coming year.

Tonight the last class of the term then I have been assured there will be a drink or two to celebrate the end of term, but not too many, as I have to be up early to fly to Seam Riep to see the jewels of the ancient Khmer kingdom.

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