15 Reasons To Never Visit Cambodia

Don’t ever come to Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonder!

When in Cambodia

1. What is it even famous for?

Angkor-Wat_2399296a-large credit: the telegraph

Angkor Wat, national symbol represented in the flag, in Siem Reap.

2. Temples are just rocksssssssssss

c3193c02829fa0353f8d53d053994df0 credit: Pinterest

The grand gate of Bayon, a gateway to the Angkor Archaeological Park

3. Temples are all the same!

Angkor_Capital_Asienreisender_880pxs credit: asienreisender

The Angkor Archeological Park in a picture. (Just some of the temples)

4. Foods aren’t that great

fried-noodles credit: goankhmerunited

Cambodia could be a hidden gem if you’re an enthusiast of STREET FOOD.

what-to-eat-cambodia-Fish-Amok-960x640 credit: adventureinyou

Amok is one of the most favourite dishes visitor never forget to try!

phnom-penh-01 credit: urbanadventures

What is know for the weird Cambodian cuisine is the insect eating tradition. Angelina Jolie approved.

5. What to even do with that big fresh water lake?

Tonle-sap-floating-village-Cambodia-Siem-Reap-Eternal-Asia-Travel credit: eternalasiatravel

Be hold, the floating village of Tonle Sap.

6. People aren’t friendly

cambodia1 credit: mekongtourism

Cambodians are ranked among the most friendliest nation on earth…

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