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Touch my Dirndl II


The weekend before last JTO and I were in Stuttgart to See the wonderful Leonard Cohen and at the same time the Stuttgart equivalent of the Munich Oktoberfest was taking place.  When we were returning from the concert the fair was closing down and a number of drunk people tried to hail the cab we were in by standing in front of it.  They were so reckless in their desire to get a cab they were lucky one of them was not hurt.  We stayed the night and saw some of the city.  As a result of the celebrations people were walking around in Dirndl as you see on the left and the rather un-leather looking lederhosen on the right.  As well as an opportunity to show the young women and men in their local costume this post has been an opportunity to show again the wonderful Antonia singing the Dirndlsong.  Just watch those chaps dance:

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