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Vote early, vote often


One of the things I like Twitter for is that it allows people to share things that are interesting, challenging or just a laugh. In the past I wrote about my accumulated Management wisdom, which amounts to:

  • Do it now,
  • Get it right first time,
  • When something’s not right it’s wrong.

This blog has had a manifesto since it started but it doesn’t have a mission statement, I don’t really think it needs one. If it did then one way to get one is the ISMS Mission Statement Generator©. I don’t know who pointed me towards it but it has created a mission statement for this blog:

We will strive to sponsor iconic e-business with internal impact for the benefit of our organisation and other public services.

Then this week I was pointed to the web economy bullshit generator. In the past I have studied management theory and other similar subjects and this would have been invaluable. So, we need to “…enhance sexy e-commerce, streamline real-time e-services and aggregate bricks-and-clicks ROI.”

The weather for the past couple of weeks has been beautiful here, as many places. The first picture is of the cathedral taken from rue d’Austerlitz, next to the Au Canon restaurant earlier this week. The blue sky shows what a beautiful afternoon it was, in the high twenties as it seems to have been forever. However, at the same time the trees have started changing as can be seen from the second picture where a brown leaf made it into our hall.

As I wrote about just over a month ago, I am a Germanophile, and my study of the language included taking part in an exchange with a pupil from a school in Osnabrück. It was on these two trips that I discovered the pictured biscuits which are a couple of plain ‘rich tea‘ type biscuit as a sandwich with a chocolate cream between them. They were not regularly available in the UK at the time. The times I have been to Germany since I would often buy a packet of the biscuits. One of the things I noticed on moving here was that the biscuits were available in my local co-op. I have been very restrained and have not bought them regularly as when I do I tend to eat a number each time which would not be good for my weight. Thursday I did buy a packet. I have never had a poll on this blog before. The first one is on the subject being talked of up and down the country. Vote, vote, vote. Oh, by the way it is set up that you cannot vote often.

En garde


About five years ago I started the predecessor to this blog and chose the title to reflect that part of the subject matter would be about me taking up fencing and my exploits in the world of fencing.  I did take it up for a couple of years with a break when there was work being carried out to the leisure centre where we met.  Then I moved here and there’s been a number of difficulties which have resulted in my three years in France being fencing free.  That is about to change and its all because of the Foire Européenne….

This event happens every year in Strasbourg, this is supposed to be the 78th, and I wrote about it last year here.  Again this year we got tickets to get into the Foire from our local MP and again I start with a picture of the entrance from the nearest tram stop although this time it doesn’t give much indication of the sheer number of people present which was a lot for the middle of the afternoon on a Sunday.  Each year one country is showcased and this year it was Thailand so there were merchants selling things from Thailand, holidays to Thailand etc as well as there being a restaurant selling Thai food.  Having arrived after midday both JTO and I were hungry so we headed over to the Thai restaurant for some Sunday lunch.  The picture on the right was taken after we’d eaten but there were very few free chairs when we arrived.  The food was good and served with a more than acceptable Thai Rose wine but what surprised  the most was being served by Alsacian waiting staff, obviously people used by the exhibition centre when they had something on, rather than the Thai or South East Asian staff I am used to in the restaurants locally and elsewhere when I’ve eaten Thai food.

The whole of a massive exhibition site is taken up showing off things like farm implements, furniture, household heating systems, solar energy systems, TVs and other home appliances, swimming pools, garden furniture, local food and wine, household implements and tools. Basically anything at all.  The next picture shows the outside of the section where the local council, power company, newspaper etc all had stands, the garden sheds for sale in the front and swimming pools on the left.  Behind you can see the European Parliament building.

Inside the Rhenus Sport hall normally home to the Strasbourg basketball team, SIG,  were lots of sports activities.  My heart leapt when I saw that Strasbourg Escrime were present with a display and opportunity to take part.  I talked with them and discovered they were running ‘taster’ sessions on Mondays throughout the month so I took details of where they were from the club coach, pictured on the right.  This predecessor to this blog started when I started fencing and its name, after a children’s TV programme shown in the Summer holidays when I was a child, came from it.(See video at the top on the right)  It is exciting to be thinking about starting back with the fencing, so much so that I felt I just had to close with the following:

Whole lotta Burns


Despite being a sassenach I joined the English Speaking Community in Alsace last night for my third Burns Night and had a great time eating, drinking and dancing Scottish.

I have written elsewhere about the layers of belonging which build up on central facts about the place where we exist to make it home.  Another happened last night.  I have been to this event twice before with friends and had a good time with them but hardly knew anyone else there.  This time, as well as the friends we had gone with, there were lots of other people present it was good to catch up with and discover how they were doing.  Another layer grown on the onion.

The evening followed a pretty normal course for a Burns evening with demonstrations of dancing, the Selkirk Grace before we ate a broth and then the haggis was piped into the room and paraded around it before being killed.  Whilst the toast to Burns and the Address to the Lassies and to the Laddies were being given we had our dessert before the rest of the evening was spent dancing with a break at midnight to sing Auld Lang Syne.

The English Speaking Community is not an enclave of Brits leavened with a touch of antipodean or American but open to people who speak or have an interest in speaking English.  It is less exclusive than, for example Americans in Alsace for whom you have to be American to be a member.  We were joined by two French, one Portuguese and a Russian friend last night.  The pictures show the piping in of the Haggis and the dancing.

The Flashing Blade


So, phoenix like, The Flashing Blade rises again.  I had planned to restart my blog in the New Year but the death of Journalspace means that my idle thoughts about moving my writings to another site were forced to be made reality.

Another start another chance at a manifesto.  This will be about things that interest me, whether things seen in everyday life, thoughts on politics or other things happening in the World.  This is now and every time personal.  I do not normally seek to offend anyone gratuitously and if you  have views on anything here please feel free to comment.  Comments I think are offensive will be removed otherwise I am happy to have a debate with people via this site.

Why The Flashing Blade?  Starting my original blog at the same time I started fencing, and one of the things it would be about would be discovering fencing reminded me of a programme I had much enjoyed as a child during the holidays.  Here is the the title:

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