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Blowing in the wind


A previous post had talked about the freeze and included pictures of

steam rising

steam rising

Strasbourg in the frost.  It also talked about the cold weather breaking.  Well, when it freezes sometimes things happen and it being frozen covers things up, you don’t know there was a problem.  The picture on the right shows a pool of hot water which has risen to the surface at the side of the road.  In the basement of the building not seen on the left of the picture there is what is clearly a laundry.  It would seem there is a problem with a pipe taking away to the drains the water used to clean the clothes, possibly which was caused by the freeze, and it was p1010769frozen whilst there was a freeze so it wasn’t known about.  Now that things are no longer frozen, like the tides moving back to reveal some long forgotten wreck, we can see the problem.  Thankfully, I passed the site later in the day today and it seemed that the problem had been resolved and the steam had gone, without the road having to be dug up, traffic halted etc. so that’s a good thing.

It’s a long way back to Germany

From a quote from a Bob Dylan song to the Ramones (Particularly here), this blog takes them all in.  The predecessor site to this talked about how much better the French were about urban living.  I illustrated the post with someone moving from an upper floor of a building and the contraption that existed to do it,p1010772 in this case a mechanical lift that collected things from the upper storeys of buildings and delivered them down to be taken away.  On my return from work I saw this happening, a group of men struggling to get a ladder up to an upper storey window.  The ladder did seem to have some sort of pulley system to lift the items up to the window of the flat they were clearly being moevd to, but I could not see how the ladder would be fitted to the window of the flat.  You cannot see in the photo that the possessions of the people moving in are on the roadside, waiting for the movers to get their ladder up to the required floor.  This group of German removals might be cheaper, their vans were clearly from Germany, but it’s causing them trouble to get the ladder up to the window.  The French automatic ones seem to work much better.

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