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Strasbourg and Banksy? The last post?


OK.  As in all good soaps and other regular TV programmes, the story so far.

I posted here about a piece of outdoor art I had seen locally on the side of a florists and asked whether it might have anything to do with the renowned graffiti and outdoor artist known as Banksy. The verdict of the people I consulted via Facebook and Twitter was in accord with my view that this was not in fact an example of his work and that it was therefore not by him.

In response I received a comment from a fellow Strasbourg blogger about another piece of outdoor art that was close to the above item.  As a result I went out to walk around the area and discovered the piece of outdoor art in the second picture.  The response to my publishing this on Facebook and Twitter has been agreement that this is much more in the style of Banksy and therefore either is the man himself or a good copyist.  At the end of yesterday’s post I promised a revelation today.

Well here it is.  Across the river from the previous item was another piece that would also seem to be in the style of Banksy.  It doesn’t answer the question whether it is him or a copyist and is the sum total of the images or are there other examples out there? Have a good weekend.

Banksy or not II and an interesting local outdoor artist.


Three days ago I wrote a piece about some street art that had appeared near where I live in Strasbourg featuring the picture on the left.  After posting the piece on Twitter and Facebook the consensus amongst the replies was that the work was not by Banksy, which was pretty much what I thought too.

Afterwards two things happened.  The first was that I was followed on twitter by Banksy Graffiti, no doubt after my tweet and post appeared via a Google or similar alert. The second contact came from ‘Mes pensées étranges‘ in the comments of the piece via Expat Blog where she said,

“Hello! Found your blog on the expat website. I’ve recently noticed more art like this too. It’s hard to say if it’s Banksy, but I think it’s more like someone who’s been influenced by Banksy’s works. Have you been around la Petit France recently? There is a great one there near les Ponts Couverts of a black and white girl who looks to be coloring what appears to be a spray paint tag. I have a picture of it here if you’re interested:

The site mentioned is just about ten minutes from where I live so yesterday evening I decided to wander around the area and see if I could find the piece linked to and/or anything else.

The first thing I found was the above and left piece on the base of post carrying the power to the work being carried out on the Vauban Dam.  It doesn’t look to me like a piece by Banksy at all and that’s before you look closer and see it is signed ‘Dan 23’.  Bearing in mind it is upon the transportable base of a post it needn’t even have been painted here but could have been done elsewhere and just ended up here with this work, although the site for Dan 23 does have it pictured in this spot.

Further walking around took me to the Pont de la Spitzmühle and turning looking through an arch  to Quai de la Petite France and Square L Weiss I saw the piece I was looking for.

So what do you think, Banksy or a very good copyist? Here are photos of some of Banksy’s other outdoors work for comparison. Stay tuned for another Banksy related post tomorrow

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